​Zia Gul has been working with Artisan Links for more than 20 years now.  Her exceptional skills enable her to train the artisans with different types of embroideries and designs. Despite personal hardships in her past, having lost her husband and later her son , she was the only working member of the family.
Due to her hard work and dedication she managed to educate her daughters. Artisan Links was her only source of her income.
Artisans like Zia Gul are the strength behind Artisan Links' success.  At Artisan Links we facilitate for the artisans to work in safe and comfortable ​environment keeping cultural constraints in mind. 

In 1988  Razima was 15 years old when she migrated to Pakistan from Afghanistan to escape the war.  She then stayed at the Baghicha refugee camp and later got married to a security guard in a private company.  She was well settled in Peshawar where she had her 9 children.  Unfortunately her husband met with an accident which left him paralysed, unable to work or earn.  Being a self respecting and brave woman, she turned to her embroidery skills to cater to the needs of her family, including the medical expenses of her husband.  Here, at Artisan Links, we solicit her skills to aid Razima in her endeavours.  We are privileged to have her amongst us.

Zia Gul's story

Nadia's story

Razima's story

Razima's story

Nadia was born in Afghanistan, being the eldest in a family of nine siblings.  Due to the war her father lost his business thus they had to migrate to

Pakistan in 1992.  Here they settled in a refugee camp where they faced numerous problems.  She was left to look after her siblings while her parents worked hard to make ends meet.  She was unable to study due to additional responsibilities.  Due to her father’s illness, she had to undertake sewing and stitching to support her family.She was able to enrol her younger sisters in school.   Being employed at Artisan Links  helped her tremendously to meet her financial obligations.